November 24th, 2008


My wish list :3

Christmas! Happy time! Make me even more happy :3 *puppy dog eyes*

Rules and my home adres under the cut.

My wish list:

1. Hilson [House/Wilson] - Fanfiction, fanart, icons - everything really. I will be glad to feed my addiction :D
2. Impala!fic - because I crave for more Impala - make her human or a car - she's awesome anyway.
3. Hand-made jawerly - I always liked those *_* It's something that's special - every one pice of hand-made jawerly is different. You can show your personality with those and it's something that amazes me.
4. Tentacles! - Sorry, I like them XD In any form - art, sculpture, cup with tentacle design, fic, song - choose freely!
5. Jarlaxle/Entreri fic/fanart - Seriously, those two are incredible. I don't even need porn - I will go with friendship because they are interesting even while not being naked.
6. House/Cuddy fic - I'm asking for het... I'm so proud of myself.. Dirty, bad, wrong with cherries on top please.
7. Be a model! - I'm a rising photographer. Please, be my guinea pig! I need ALL people - not only beatiful ladies with perfect body. Those are boring most of the times... (photographs will be taken in Warsaw)
8. Artist kit - pencils, rubbers, paints, brushes, watercolors, special paper, promarkers - I will take anything. Even cryons. It's hard to be a student...
9. GIANT MICROBES! - Yay! They are so cute! XD You can read about them on this site: and buy them there or on allegro. (Neuron and Lamblioza are my favourites :D)
10. Bubbles! - Or some others things to make my two-hours batch worth it ;3 Rose petals and so on.
Some ideas are here:, here:, and here:

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