May 28th, 2010


Fandom Crossing Meme

Fandom Crossing Meme

Got it from femaleshinigami.


1) Pick a fandom, that you are most comfortable with (or your favourite one)
2) Now, choose 10 different fandoms you are fammiliar with (you don't need to participate in them, just know them).
3) Now, cross the first fandom with the 10 you chose, and write short snipets (or doodle/draw something for the artisticly inclined) that show it.
4) There aren't any rules. But make sure you are not too obvious. Try to avoid using characters from the '10 fandoms', but put the characters from your first fandom into the world and situations of the choosen fandom to cross it with. Be creative! Be vague! Use quotes, or small details as clues!
5) Now post it, but DO NOT REVEAL THE 10 CHOSEN FANDOMS! Just the first, main fandom, and make your f-list guess the rest!
6) There is no tagging rule. There is no words limit. Just have fun! :)

I choose Supernatural ;)

I think it's mostly obvious what fandoms the cross is with, but I wasn't trying to make it hard :P
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