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Update on life

Unbelivable, me covering my life in LJ note ;) So here's current situation and my plans:

1. I PASSED ENTRANCE EXAMS FOR PJWSTK! Yay, polsko-japońska! Kierunek Sztuka Nowych Mediów. Now I have to find a job to pay for it *sighs*
2. I'm getting work experience in Concept Publishing . Doing it for free, but it's quite nice as for now :) I get along with the girls I'm working with really well. I finally will have something to put into my portfolio when I finish this month.  Also, it would be awesome if they would want to keep me maybe XD
3. Went to the manga convention Ecchicon Summer Special and it was awesome like always! I was running a Creativity Workshop and had a lot of fun. I'm under the impression people who attented it were happy with it too. I will probably run it on the next con too.
4.My tablet broke. Rest in peace Pentagram XXL. Now I have to gain the higher level and buy a Wacom. And I need 800 zł for the model I want :/ Yep, life's a bitch.
5. Checked out Ars Homoerotica exhibition in the National Museum. Not everything impressed me. Videos sucked. There was a peed on matress photo that somehow was an art (?). The Transsexual part was sadly lacking. But they were a few arts that I liked. And hey, I'm never gonna get tired of staring at greek/roman sculptures. The table with books was awesome. Overall it wasn't bad but it wasn't amazing either. Too much modern art as for me.

As for plans:

1. EUROPRIDE!!! Who goes with me? I can't wait for it :D
2. Grunwald - we will see about that, but I'm hoping I will at least be there for one day, because it will be EPIC!
3. Avatar: The last airbender - Must see it. Anyone?
4. If anyone wants to go for the weekend trip somewhere (Cracow, Gdańsk, some medieval tournament, or just some nice place) then I'm up for it! Also, I take in strays, so If you want to come to Warsaw then feel free to crash at my place ;) Movie night? Dancing in the rain? Karaoke? I'm open to all the ideas.
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